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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Continue in 2020

Updated: Jan 15

As 2019 is almost coming to an end, most of you will probably be wondering; 'What does the ever changing field of digital technology (social media) have in store for us in 2020.'

However, that is not what this article is about. Like anything, the digital field has it's strong sides and reasonably, would like to maintain it or keep exploring those areas.

As a user, an influencer or a business, your main aim is to get prospective followers to be interested in or current followers stay interested in your brand. Without wasting much time, these are the 3 social media marketing trends to keep inquiring into in detail and to include in your digital strategy in 2020 for any industry.

Micro Video Content

The average consumer attention span is decreasing as more contents are being shared on the internet so as such most brands and influencers have adapted the micro video type of content where whatever they need to say to their followers is being said within a maximum of 3 minutes and a minimum of 10 sec.

These high quality micro video contents are made to engage some and if possible all of the audience's senses.

You know what is even great about this? You do not necessarily need a professional camera or video recorder to create these kind of contents. A good smartphone with or without a selfie stick and you are good to go.


From micro videos, are even shorter span contents which disappear after 24 hours of display.

Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Snapchat or YouTube stories have come to stay.

These type of contents allows users who do not spend a lot of time on social media see your contents, even if it is in a flash. The rest is up to you to keep it interesting enough for them to be glued.

Influencer Marketing

Try imagining this: Digital advertising without any influential post or recommendation on social media/website. Not possible, right?

Even though it is not new, influencer marketing has increased in popularity with 93% of marketers utilizing it.

To add to this, according to Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising. Its clear that influencer marketing will only become an even more critical component of any digital marketing strategy in 2020.

The list, however, does not end here as there are numerous trends marketers are using.

Live Videos



Engagement Group Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram)

These are my personal observations and I personally think it is easier to adapt into your digital strategy and take some actions right away.

Find below link showing updated statistics on the internet to inform your decisions as a brand.


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