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What Is Your Why?- The Benefits of Having Goals in Relation to Social Media

Updated: May 9, 2019

The current noise on social media where there are zillion contents to assimilate and share makes us find ourselves doing a lot of things online all at once without focus.

We always get distracted about the reason why we are online in the first place and end up doing things we never planned to do online. I know right.

How do you make sure your brand is credible, stands out and doesn't get distracted in the midst of the noise.

First and foremost know your why.

In our everyday lives we get asked why we did something, why we did do the things we do, why we buy or use that product or service, why we behave like this or like that, why we dress the way we do, why we don't do this or that. I know you get what I mean.

But these questions are vital because;

1. It helps you and your audience or listeners understand your Brand more, 2. It helps you not to lose track of your ultimate goal or purpose of your Brand and 3. It helps make better judgement.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, Knowing why you want an online presence for your brand helps you plan and give out the right content strategy to spread your message as it is to whoever needs to hear it.

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