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LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking platform is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking and is one of the influential social media networks with more than 575 million members.

Now one may ask why the needs for a LinkedIn account when I already have a Facebook or Instagram account? The answer is simple! This is because LinkedIn plays a major tactical role in the content strategies for today’s businesses. According to a report from the Content Marketing Institution, LinkedIn was named as the No.1 social media channel for helping organizations achieve specific objectives. Here are some reasons why every business needs to own a LinkedIn account;

First and foremost, LinkedIn hosts a community of more than 575 million professionals around the globe. No matter who your customers are, they are almost certainly on the platform. And with the depth of filters and targeting parameters, you can use to orient campaigns, your ability to refine the scope of your messaging is unparalleled.

Secondly, LinkedIn helps with research. The majority of professionals and businesses are represented on LinkedIn, as such simply scanning content feeds and surveying the insights businesses and their employees share on their profile can be extremely informative. Becoming active in LinkedIn Groups relevant to your field is another great way to interact with and learn from people. Also, owning a LinkedIn account helps businesses in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their customers.

Thirdly, LinkedIn is one of the platforms that help businesses gain visibility and attract users to their brands organically. When businesses are active on this platform, prospective customers are more likely to find them, especially if they are frequently discussing subjects of pertinence. Businesses with a LinkedIn company page have their account appearing near the top of search results when someone Googles their business. Also, LinkedIn ties the profiles of employees of the business's network.

Last but not least, having a LinkedIn account helps you build authentic, sturdy professional relationships since the LinkedIn platform is business-oriented. LinkedIn serves as a conduit to business prospects, colleagues, peers, influencers, and business leaders around the world. You can keep tabs on them on the LinkedIn platform by following their activities and staying on their radars by occasionally commenting on updates, sharing content they may find interesting, and reaching out via instant messaging on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended that businesses – no matter how big or small – have a LinkedIn account and make sure to keep it updated as much as possible to get the most out of the site.

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