• Nana Owusu

Story Telling Tips By Digi-Upgrade

Stories are what we grew up on, they gave us the imagination to perceive fiction as real even if it was just that,...Fiction! The Art of telling stories has never left our world. In many ways we are still hearing stories like our old folks did out in the open decades back.

Stories are now being told by actors and actresses in movies, by musicians in songs, by Comedians in their stand up comedy shows and by you anytime you hang out with your friends.

Digital Marketers have to tell stories in this age as well. Good captions and following a pattern in your posts give users a clear idea of the message you want to convey.

Let's take this Scenario; you visit a birthday party and are given 20 beautiful properly edited images to share on your social media platform.

With The help of Story Telling You can make users get the Idea, Theme and even the feel of the party as if they were there.

Let me take you through few steps in being a great digital story telling marketer.

1. Every story has a beginning, middle and end even though it doesn't have to be in that particular order. Your posts can actually start from the end or from the beginning or basically from the climax(most engaging part) Choose How To Start.

2. Choose a Theme; at the end of your posts, what is the main message you want sent, is it Pain, happiness, love or a message of Peace. Choose a Theme and convey the message through your captions

3.Build Captions and your content well; Add captions that that are down to earth with good content following your theme.

4.Know Your Audience; If you know your audience it determines if you can be formal, semi formal or informal. I personally write to a young following so my style has been semi formal, which makes me mix normal slang words together in my captions/blogs/write ups.

5.End well; End your Post well and have your audience waiting for your next social media post.

These are some simple steps that can help you when you have multiple images or content to share, however if you have one image to share just give it a great caption that can tell a story in a single post.



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