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This pandemic cannot be overlooked, everywhere, every channel, every Ad has a bit of information about Covid-19. The sad reality is that its spread is on the rise and will continue possibly for a while making the current environment rife with potential pitfalls. Yet still, there are alluring opportunities businesses and individuals can tap into during this period.

The latest trend we are seeing during this period is that paid Ads are becoming cheaper and this is an opportunity businesses can take hold of in marketing their products. The virus has caused customers to spend more time online, so much so that companies like Netflix have had to reduce their streaming quality to help contain the numbers. In other words, traffic on the web is up and since there are fewer advertisers, ads have become cheaper.

In the case of the individual, the offer of free educational based training has been on the rise. With unemployment numbers reaching all-time highs, more people than ever are looking for new opportunities to upgrade themselves. And, of course, going back to school can be expensive and it's time-consuming. Plus let's face it... you can probably learn more applicable knowledge on YouTube than sitting in a college class for four years (At least for most professions).

Even though this period provides opportunities businesses and individuals can take hold of,

Digi-Upgrade hopes the corona-virus passes soon and that it has minimal impact on lives. Let’s stay safe and observe all the hygienic practices and social distancing measures in place.

PS: You should have more time now, so use it to your advantage. Put in the effort so you can grow. That way, you will come out of this pandemic more useful, skilled and industry worthy!



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