• Nana Owusu

Three features on Google Maps you probably don't use

Google maps is a commonly used Application in Ghana gaining grounds each day. Normally used by drivers, people who need directions to various locations, and Tourists as well.

So, I decided to have a quick research on features for Google maps that many may probably not know or simply fail to harness. Hopefully I will be Touching on more Google Tools as well later.

Feature 1- Access Google Maps Offline

Today, Maps are most useful on mobile, which brings up a problem: when you are most in need of Maps, you may find yourself somewhere with limited (or—gasp—non-existent) coverage. To help you out, Google Maps supports offline access.

Navigate to the location you'd like to access while offline and tap the bottom of the screen. In the pop-up, select Download and download that map, assuming you have enough storage on your device. Once the map downloads, you can get information about businesses in the region and turn-by-turn directions within the downloaded section.

Feature 2- Share Real-Time Location

Google is finally catching up with Apple on this front: Google Maps now lets you share your current location with people for specific periods of time. If you share your location with a specific contact, they'll see your icon moving in real time on their map.

​Feature 3- Become A Local Guide

Think you know your neighborhood better than Google's algorithm? Then consider becoming a Local Guide. While anyone can leave reviews and tips in Google Maps, Local Guides allows you to earn points for leaving more insights and data that—as you go up the ladder—can result in early access to Google products, exclusive Google meet-ups, and even extra Google Drive space.

So, these are three awesome Features I found out and researched on pcamg.com. I signed up 2 years ago to be a Local tour Guide and Hey I’m a level four local guide now on Google.

PS: originally typed this in 2018 with a few edits for today



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