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3 Primary Ways to Tie your Audience with your Contents

Updated: May 8, 2019

As a personal, local or corporate brand, potential clients would like to know what difference you could make to their everyday lives or businesses before they pay attention to whatever you do or have to say.

Most of us get asked these questions a lot by people close to us or by people we get acquainted with. It is either "What do you do for me?" or "What can you do for me?" Yeah right. I know I do.

When sharing content, you need something that will TIE your audience to the contents or whatever it is that you would like to share on your social media platforms.

You may ask, Yvette, what do you mean by TIE my audience?

Well, TIE is just an acronym I came up with to make it easier to remember whenever I have to post something on any of my social media platforms. Just as there are ways to tie things together so can you share your various contents for their intended purposes. These options are to;

1. Teach (T) 2. Inspire (I) and 3. Entertain (E)

“As long as you communicate like an actual human and not an amorphous corporate entity, you’ll have a better chance of making a real connection on social media. That connection then leads to customers intrinsically seeking out your products and services, as well as spreading the word to friends, rather than being pushed away” - Carlos Gil.

Before posting something on your platforms, ask yourself will this post teach, inspire or entertain someone who sees it. However, it could do all three.

And don't forget; Be Human. Be Social.

This Article was developed from a chapter in a guide by Carlos Gil Download full guide here https://www.socialmediacareeracademy.com/brand-marketers-social-media-survival-guide



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